Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Boy, reading my blog must be such a downer lately! LOL! Now I am sick as well as DD! I am going to go take some meds and chill out for the day!

Htabby, I walked instead of running last night. I pretty much ended up limping home, so I am not going to walk or run until my knee is completely better. I don't want to do permanent damage. And beside, I sick of smelling like A535 rub! LOL! :)

Have a great day all!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sleepless in Stacie-Land

Blaaaaaah - DD barely slept last night. Poor little girl is so congested and schnozzy. I think I need to have a nap today. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I made a roast chicken dinner last night. I measured everything that went in my mouth and tracked everything. That's a big deal for me, because I usually throw caution to the wind when faced with a roast dinner. :) I made Rice Vegetable and Chicken soup with the leftovers. It always nice to have a quick healthy meal in the freezer.

Today is a laundry, cleaning, organizing day. I drugged DD with Tylonal, and she is sleeping soundly. (No worries, it was the proper amount - just in case you think I actually over dosed her!) :) I am on borrowed time! I'd better get crackin'!

Have a great day!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Diet Fairy

I don't know why I've been this lucky. After doing very poorly WW-wise for the past week and a half, I am only up 1 pound. (!?!?!?) I'm not sure, but a think the diet fairy paid me a visit and blessed me with a minimal weight gain even though I've been quite naughty.

I know this speed bump has to do with pms/tom, but I still feel deep down like I am committed to losing more weight.

I chose 165 as a goal weight, but now that I am there, it doesn't feel as stellar as I thought it would. I still feel thick around the middle. I am fiddling with the idea of changing my goal weight to 150 or 155. I feel as though I should lose this weight while I am still feeling motivated to do so. However, I think for these last 10-15 pounds that I will try to exercise and tone up as well as diet. Hopefully by the time I reach 150 I will feel not just thin, but healthy and fit as well. The recommended weight range for my height and age is 163 - 135ish. I think 150 would be perfect.

So, the running thing... I think I need to give it a rest, or only do it 3 days a week as per Htabby's instructions. My knees are getting pooched. My left knee has a lot of pain when I finish a run and both knees feel weak on the days I don't run. :( I am so pooped about this. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. LOL! :(

DH goes away on business this week for a little more than a week. Both kids came down with a cold/flu last night. *rolling eyes and LOL* It should be an interesting week!

Have a great day!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Finally Friday!

Good morning!

I am so happy the weekend is here. :) We are going to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law's for the weekend. Our children play so well together and we always enjoy our time there. It's a 3.5 hr trip, but well worth it! :)

I don't want to admit this, but I've been totally honest this whole time, so I won't hold back now. I skipped WI on Wednesday. I just couldn't face the scales knowing that I was going to be UP when I was only one pound from goal last week. I know my attitude and bloating has a lot to do with it being that t.o.m. Hopefully next week things will level out again. (My mood and my weight!)

But I won't skip WI next week, no matter what. I've come too far to quit now! :)

I went for a run last night. It was really late - 9:30 when I left. My DH would only let me out of the house if I carried my cell phone with me. I was running down town which is very well lit and has many little outdoor pub patios along the way. I figure someone would have to be very stupid to jump me on main street. LOL! It was my first time running for 2 minutes, walking for one, 7 times. My knee feel weird today. The inside of my left knee feels almost bruised inside or something. Strange. Anyway, I'm sure it will go away in time for my next run.

We had our first PRIDE training with the CAS to become foster/adoptive parents last night. It went well. We left our DD with a babysitter for the first time. When I left, I was sure she was going to cry the whole three hours. When I got home, she was asleep on babysitters chest and the babysitter said she only cried when she changed her diaper. DD cries when I change her diaper, so no big deal there! :) It makes me feel better about leaving her for the other 9 sessions!
Well, I'd better get packing for the weekend! Chat with you all on Monday! :)


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday Morning

I screwed up. Big time. I went out for dinner last night and ordered 2 Marinated chicken skewers, a cup of rice, 1 oven roasted potato, and a greek salad. (Sound ok right? Looks fairly points friendly?)

I thought so too - until it arrived on a platter. It was HUGE! I asked the server for a "take home container" and split the meal in two. I finished the half size portion and felt full. (Way to go, way to stay on track! Wahoo!)

Once we got home, I laced up and went for my run. (What?! You motivated little minx you...)

But alas, here's where the story gets a little sad. I get home, and go to get some water out of the fridge and spot the other half of my meal. I heard it calling to me... "Staaaaacieeeee....Staaaaaciieeeeee....." I am starving from the exercise, so I pretty much dive in face first.

Once I finished that, I spotted my DD's birthday cupcakes. Uh-oh. Yup, ate one - butter cream frosting and all.

Then I pouted for the rest of the evening. :(

I have WI tonight. Oh dear. I was up 3 pounds this morning. Erk. There's no amount of dieting I can do today to repair the damage. AND I'm out of WW tags, so I have to pay the full price to have them tell me I am up.

Anyhow, today is a new day! I am going to drink all my water, stay on track and hopefully do a stellar job in the coming week. :)

I have to go fertilize the lawn before the rain starts! Hope you all have a wonderful day! (And the weather is good for Htabby to go for a run today!)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Morning

Good morning everyone! :) Sorry I've been MIA for a few days!

Guess what?! I set my Mom up with a blog! She joined WW's a while ago, and she has done so well. :) She is an awesome lady, (of course....she's my momma!) and she would love some encouragement as well. Her new blog is Check it out! She is on dial up, so she will only to able to update once in a while. But she is excited to get started!

I have been so busy this past weekend. It was my DD's first birthday party. We had my side of the family over for the day on Sunday. We had a big dinner and the sweetest little pink cake for DD. Lots of presents and fun times! :) (Have I mentioned that I suck at adding pictures? LOL! I can't get this one right side up!)

As far as WW goes, I have been trying so hard to be good. We had my Mom and Grandma visiting since Thursday. Mom is on WW as well, so I was trying to serve very healthy meals and snacks. My problem lately has been that I run at around 7:00. When I get home, I am starving hungry, but at that time of night I don't have any points left. I feel so guilty about eating activity points. It seems like a waste of energy. I know that you work off two points to gain one, but that means that I am eating back half of my run. Or do I have that wrong?

I met 3 other mom's for a playdate at the park this morning. Two of them are runners and we have decided to enter the HBC 1k walk for the kids and the 3k walk for us mom's. It should be fun. :) They don't have a 5k option. It's 1k walk for kids, 3k walk for adults or a 10k run for adult. And seeing as I don't want to die along the Ottawa canal, I decided to not do the 10k run.

Running - this is getting addicting. I hate my days off. I love the days when I get to go for two days in a row. LOL! Last night was the first time I ran that I could breath normally for the whole walk/run. I wasn't panting. I was able to take breaths that were getting to the bottom of my lungs and enjoy the run a lot more. It's great! Tonight is my last r1/w1/10x and then I move on to the next stage! :)

I'd better get going. I want to rake the lawn while DD is sleeping! :)

Have a great day!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Updated pictures - finally!

Here they are ladies! My before and after pictures! I set out to become a fit soccer Mom and 27 pounds later, I think I did it! :)

(Might I add, I am wearing my spiffy new running outfit and my new Nike Moto's!) I'm in the second week of 5k training now! I went for my first R1/W1/x10 last night. It was great. I love the new shoes. They feel like you're wearing socks with foam on the bottom. You can feel the air whistling through the shoe as you're running. So nice!

Have a great day!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I was down 2.5 pounds at WI! Yahoooooo! That puts me a one pound from goal! And I just checked and I am officially within a healthy BMI range for my height and age!

Grandma and Mom come today, and we are going shopping in the city. I can't wait! Shopping, East Side Mario's for lunch, more shopping...! :)

I am super happy about the weight loss and twice as determined to see goal next week!

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Weigh In Wednesday - pre-weight in

Good morning all! I am so very excited about WI today. I was up .5 pounds last week and I vowed to be down 2 pounds this week, and I think I've done it! :) I also think that I might hit goal tonight. I really hope so.

Today I am getting the house ready for company. My Mom and Grandma are coming for Thurs-Mon. They are helping me paint my dining room/sitting room. I can't wait. My friend is an interior decorator. About a year ago she spent 4 hours going through my house and making suggestions on what colours to paint, what to buy for decorations, what to toss, what to keep, window covering suggestions, etc... I keep all her suggestions in a file and slowly work away at them as my budget allows. We bought a brand new house 2 years ago, and I must say, things are coming together! :) I am most excited about the bay window. We made it into a sitting area with 10 different sized throw pillows and a covered 2" foam cushion to sit on. (My Mom and Grandma are seamstresses, so they helped me make the pillows, curtains, and window cushion.) It has tab curtains with a fancy rod and whispy material thrown over the top of the rod. Hard to explain, but it looks pretty neat! Actually, let me go take a picture and you can see for yourself.... hold on...!

Hrm, apparently I suck at adding pictures. They're stuck together at the top. Oh well, you get the picture anyway! :)

Ok, I really gotta go get the house vacuumed and mopped! Cheers!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday - 2nd post

Just in case my ticker is confusing you, I thought I would explain the new numbers...

I joined WW in June of '07. I weighed in at 193 pounds. I did really well for about 8 weeks, then I fell off the wagon for a few month. I gained back some of that weight again. I rejoined and when I did, my starting weight was 183. So this was what I set my ticker at when I started to blog.

Now that I look back on my weight loss journey this past year, I realize that falling off the wagon didn't erase all the hard work I put in during the first stretch on WW. It was just a part of the journey.

So, I've reset my ticker to include the past year. I set my starting weight as the weight I was the first time I joined in June.

That's all... :) Just thought I would clarify!

Night ladies!


I went for another walk/run last night. Today is my last day of 1/2x6 and then I move on to the next stage of the program. I am very excited about that.

I went out and bought new running clothes last night. Black long yoga pants with white piping stripe down the leg, matching black fitted tank with white piping, and the matching black hoodie with white piping. Oh, and socks. I plan on going to an athletic store on Thursday to buy a new pair of Nike runners. Mine are getting worn out. I have to admit, I am starting to feel like the fit soccer mom I set out to become! :)

I asked DH if he liked my new clothing or if I was still too fat to wear stretchy yoga pants. He barely glanced at me and then he dodged that bullet by saying, "I have no idea how fat is too fat." (He has no patients for these type of questions. I think he purposely words things like that to reiterate that he doesn't want to answer stupid "fat" or "self-esteem related" questions.)

But like a bulldog on a pant leg, I said, "Well if you were driving past and saw me running would you think "ugh, stretchy pants!? Really?! Who wants to see that?!" or would you think, "Wow, she looks fit, like she's been running for years!"? ".

He's like "Hon, they're clothes. They're black. I'm not sure what you want me to say."

I just gave up and took off out the door running. There's no use fishing on dry ground.

I've only drank a 1/2 jug of water today. Yikes. Must go chug! Have a great day!


Monday, April 14, 2008


I'm not doing much today. I have to re-tidy my house after the weekend. I relax a lot on the weekends and then spend Monday's getting things back into ship shape. I have some piano students coming this afternoon.

This morning I went to Walmart with DD to buy some invitations to her 1st birthday party. They say: A royal invitation! Princess Teagan wants you to come to her palace on _____ at_____ for her 1st birthday! Ahhhh cute eh?

We went to McD's while we were there, but I was VERY good. I had 2 chicken fajitas with a side salad and fat free dressing, diet coke, and some happy land cookies. Well, I ate all the heads off the cookies to make them baby bite size so Teagan didn't choke on them. Funny, but the on-line calculator won't tell me how many points just the heads of Ronald and the gang are. LOL! :)

I am determined to be very good for the next 3 days. I want great results at my next WI! I am tired of this stay-the-same, up .5 a pound nonsense.

I vow to drink 3 liters of water today AND go for another run tonight.

Well, gotta go chance a very smelly diaper. Whee!


Sunday, April 13, 2008


Good morning! I did it again! I went for my second run last night. It was so amazing. It was drizzling out, but I didn't let that stop me. I ran 1 min, walked 2, 6 times. It takes me all the way across town and then I walk home. DH fixed two songs for me on the computer. One is one min. long to run to, and one is 2 mins long to walk to. It was sure easier than looking at my watch every 10 seconds. I love being married to a geek. It comes in handy! (Unless you need something fix in the house, then you are out of luck!) LOL! Anyway, this run was easier than the first. It seemed that the one minute went by so quickly. I am looking forward to next weeks runs that are longer.

We are going to a friends house for a 40th birthday party today. It is a potluck. Erk. Never a good thing for me. Everyone brings the best of the best and it's usually filled with calories and fat! It's like a banquet! Oh dear. I made a low-fat baked veggie casserole and it will probably be the only healthy thing there! :) (I also made a sweet potato pecan dish, and a sugar and cinnamon crispy cake. I will avoid these dishes... I think.) Oh man, I'm waffling with will power before I even get there! Uh-oh.

Thank goodness for those extra 23 flex points I have left! I think I will need them!

Have an awesome day! It's Sunday - dont' forget to renew your spirit today! :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Freezing Rain Friday

Today was such a rotten weather day! We were stuck inside most of the day. When I get bored, I bake. Baaaaad idea - Goooooood cake. Yikes. Now I remember why I can't have baking in the house.

So to make up for the naughty sugar and cinnamon cake bungle, I went for a lane swim at the public pool this evening. My legs were already sore from my run on Thursday, so I used a floaty to keep my legs afloat and just worked my shoulders and arms. Now my whole body is sore. LOL

For the record, I still do not look good in a bathing suit. Better, but not good. I am
SO self conscience being that undressed in front of people! You don't realize how much you wobble until you have to walk across the deck of a packed public pool. LOL!

I saw two of my young female piano students there. I swam over to say hi, but I could tell that I was totally bring down their "cool" factor in front of the teen boys, so I quickly wrapped it up and went back to lane swimming. Once the boys left, the girls were right over to chat and giggle. Man, do I remember those raging hormone days! Anything to impress the boys! By the way, it's so weird that I am "uncool" to pre-teens. When did I get old and un-hip? :)

I am getting up early tomorrow morning to go for my run! :)

Cheers all!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I did it! I did it! I did it!

I went for my first run/walk tonight! I ran for one minute and walked for two, six times tonight. I couldn't believe how far it took me! I was WAY across town. Then I walked home.

At the start of the 3rd run, my leg muscles felt so weird! Like the walking made them cease up of something. Once I started running they warmed back up again and I was fine.

Here's the funny part... I had to wear a bra and a really tight swimming suit under my stretchy jogs and sweatshirt. It was the only way I could get my 38, nursing, D's from boppin' around. Man, I really need to invest in a good sports bra that will cement my chest into place.

Now my legs, butt and shoulders are SO sore. I feel great. I am so determined to stick with this running program. It makes me feel active and alive.

Now I am off to hop in the jacuzzi for a bubble bath and then off to bed! Night everyone!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

WI Wednesday Results

I was only up .5! Yahoooo! I'll happily take those results! I plan to be down 2 pounds next week. You watch! I'm gonna do it! AND I'm going to start the running program starting tomorrow. Well... only if Froggie gets on her treadmill tonight. (tongue in cheek of course!) :)

Good night ladies!

WI Wednesday (Morning)

Good morning everyone! :) Well, yesterday was a bomb for me. After seeing the doctor, he sent me to the hospital to have an IV for dehydration and blood work. After spending the whole day there, they sent me home and told me that they don't know what's wrong, and it must to some sort of stomach virus that has inflamed the lining of my stomach. Food is just sitting in my stomach undigested for days. Weird. Anyway, I am feeling a bit better today, but still don't feel like eating or drinking. So, the point of all this whining is that I got up this morning and weighed myself and I gained 7 POUNDS in 3 days. And, I have to weigh in tonight. Great. It must be the IV that caused the weight gain, because I've eaten next to nothing for days now because it makes me so sick. Weird, weird, weird. I can't wait to be feeling back to normal. Then I can get my eating/drinking back on track.

So today, I plan to finish all the housework I wasn't able to do yesterday, go for a walk, and try to eat and drink. If that goes well this morning, I might call my girlfriend and see if she wants to bring her son over and we can take the kids to the park this afternoon. That's it!

Have a great day everyone! Enjoy this spring weather - get outside today! :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


There is not much happening here today. I plan to finish up the last load of laundry this morning, and hopefully get in to see my doctor. I have a few piano students this afternoon. This evening we are going to our friends sugar shack to watch them make maple syrup. The kids will enjoy that. Other than that - na-da!

Htabby, I know you are going to ask how the running went last night so I will have to fess up. I didn't go. I have been feeling quite strangely lately, and I just didn't feel well enough to go running. It's a bummer, but hopefully the doc can clear things up for me and I will be running before you know it! :)

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Wonderful Monday!

Good morning everyone! Spring is here and I am feeling so happy about it! No more cabin fever!

We woke up on Saturday feeling that spring-y feeling. You know, the whole "open all the windows-let's use the sidewalk chalk-lets wash the car with the hose" feeling. It was great. We did none of the above, but DH and I did go for a long walk with the children in the wagon. We walked to the local bakery (45 min walk there) and had a sandwich on bakery bread, a diet pop and we split a peanut butter cookie. It was a fun outing. Our little town has a very scenic and quaint down town area. We came home and played games and had a nap.

Sunday we went out for brunch with some friends. It was a buffet, but I was very good and stuck to the fruit and salad bar. I only had some chocolate pudding for dessert too! That afternoon I took my DS for a walk while DH stayed home with DD while she was sleeping. We just poked along playing eye-spy, checking out birds, peeking in store windows, walking funny/backwards and giggling a lot! :) My son said to me "Mom, your like a friend-mom!" Melt my heart! :)

It was the perfect weekend.

I walked my son to school instead of driving him this morning. I am a walking machine! Today I plan to do all the house work I ignored on the weekend. :) Laundry, vacuuming, laundry, dusting, laundry. LOL!

Have a great day everyone!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Finally Friday

I am feeling like crap today. I have a migraine. I hardly ever get them, maybe once or twice a year. This one is a doozie. I am throwing up, have diareaha, and have lost most of the vision in my left eye. Blah.

I'm going back to bed.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

WI Wednesday - Report

I weighed in last night and I was down a pound. I am fighting my "whoop-dee-doo" instincts. I know down is down, and down is better than up, but all the same, when you've been trying really hard, walking and tracking and drinking your water, sometimes a one pound loss can be a little disappointing.

Anyway, I am trying to knock that negative talk out of my head and look at the bigger picture. I have lost 25 pounds in the last 10 months! In the past 6 weeks, I have lost 15 pounds! Now I am only 3 pounds from goal weight! Of those 6 weeks, I've been down every single week expect for one where I stayed the same. A one pound loss should be celebrated because I am still firmly on the wagon! Am I right? I'm right. Right?! LOL! :)

I am wondering if I need to decrease my breastfeeding points as my DD is nearly a year old and is nursing less. (Once in the early morning, once during the day and once in the middle of the night.)

Today I am going to get a criminal check and a drivers abstract from the police station for our adoption/fostering application. I'm thankful for a clean past, no drug smuggling, auto theft, breaking and entering, or prostitution. But wouldn't you know it - I got a speeding ticket JUST LAST WEEK for first time. :( Oh well, I think they are looking more for DUI's than doing 95 in an 80 zone. (Oh ok, it was 119 in an 80 zone, and I didn't have my ownership in the vehicle, but the cop was really nice and dropped it down for me.)

Have a great day ladies! Drink, track and get some exercise today! :)


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Oh my word!

We just got the application package in the mail to become foster/adoptive parents. It is SO detailed! I have spent the past 2 hours filling out questionnaires and forms. Whew! They are very thorough! Finances, Childhood, Marriage, Sex life (!?) etc...! I feel like I've been through the wringer!

I know I am down a pound so far. I really thought I would have lost more this week because I've been very good. But I'll take every loss I get! :) I only have 2 more tickets to weigh in, so I really want to lose these last 4 pounds before my tickets run out! :)

I'd better get back to these forms! I'm still not done.