Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Night

I have WI tonight! Fingers crossed! Actually, it's a bit of a scheduling mess. I forgot that I had ww on Tuesdays and I invited 3 friends over for a spaghetti dinner. Whoops. It takes me 15 mins to get to and from WW and the meeting is at 5:30. Argh. Anyway, these friends are pretty laid back, so I will invite the ladies to come with for the ride and we will eat when we get back.

Ok, I have some very exciting news! We are going to Tokyo, Japan for two weeks in November! YAHOOOO! We are taking my Mom along to help out with the children and to keep me company while DH is working over there. They sent pictures of the hotel we are staying at in central Tokyo and it looks really fancy. I've been to Italy, France, Austria, Germany and the UK, but they all are somewhat similar to our culture. But JAPAN?!?! Now this will be different and fun! I am happy to be taking the kids. Two weeks is just too long to leave them behind! My sons teacher asked him to do a video diary and bring back some things to share with the class. He is really thrilled to be put in charge of such a task. :)

Anyway, I had better get going before our guests get here!



candlerun (htabby) said...

Japan! How nice. :) You are going to have to have a video diary yourself to share with us... lol :D

Good luck on the wi and hope your dinner went well!

candlerun (htabby) said...

oh! I almost forgot! Did you read the rest of that Twilight saga? (all 4 books?) There are some twists in there... ;)