Wednesday, October 1, 2008

San Fran Photos

I thought I'd post some pictures from our San Fran trip. One is a picture of the Crookedest Street. One is of me looking like a goof on a Segway tour. (SO fun!) And the last one is of me at the north beach by Fisherman's Wharf. I spent the day there relaxing with my sketch pad and pencil.

Sorry this post is not WW related! :) Oh wait, I will add one more picture... The food picture is my attempt at eating healthy while on vacation. HA! I'll bet there's 15 points or more on that plate! It was nearly impossible to eat out and stay on plan for a whole week. Anyway, I am back at it here at home where it is much easier to say on track!

Cheers everyone! Have a good night!


JessiesBlog said...

hey chicky!!

Looks lilke you've been doing well! I've been off the wagon for a while but I'm joining meetings this weekend with my mom! so lets hope I can get motivated again!!

I'll have to try and start my blog again and keep you posted!

Your pictures are great! Looks like you had a lot of fun! how did your WI go last tuesday??

Talk to you soon!

candlerun (htabby) said...

I just love pics!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

Yes... I can agree with you on the GDT sometimes... I go on and check things out, make one or two posts to see how things are. Some days it is ok and some days things are not so great. I do know that my posting name is way too close to one who caused a bunch of problems there before so some are not too receptive of me. Oh well... There has been a bit more of bickering lately though I must admit... but then again there are some that do tend to stir the pot up more than others. I just avoid.

Well, glad to see you are still around and this week I am vowing to keep on top of things to get my life back on track - and yes the run felt WONDERFUL! ;)