Monday, November 4, 2013

The Time Has Come, The Time is Now...

I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning when I get all signed up for Weight Watchers again. I also made up a 9 day meal plan for myself and my family. The trick is to finding meals that are good for me point-wise and still be something that my picky children will eat. I plan on going to the meeting tomorrow morning and then stocking up on healthy groceries. Here is my meal plan...

1) Pizza made with whole wheat pita bread, veggies, pizza sauce and feta cheese. For the kids, I use just pizza sauce and cheddar cheese. And a garden salad.
2) Roast chicken, with potatoes, carrots, corn and gravy.
3) Chicken and vegetable soup made from the left overs, homemade whole grain bread.
4) Meatless chicken nuggets, brown rice, cauliflower (and cheese sauce on the side for the kids), and garden salad
5) White Vegetable Lasagna, salad
6) Spaghetti, salad
7) Flatbread with tatziki sauce, feta and grilled vegetables. Grilled flatbread with just cheese for the kids.
8) Chicken legs, baked potatoes, mushroom and onions, beets, and salad
9) Stir Fried Vegetables (with only vegetables that the kids like), brown rice, meatless chicken nugget pieces.

I also have my lunches and snacks mapped out. And I have my water bottle washed and ready to go. I downloaded an app on my iPhone that takes 4 pictures every week, and tracks my weight as I go. I can then flip through the pictures and compare the before, during, and after pictures. I feel very prepared to start this journey!

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