Monday, October 28, 2013

Planning For Success

Ok, so I am in the planning stages of weight loss. I read somewhere that most people jump in unprepared, go gung-ho and then promptly fall off the wagon for lack of planning. So here are some things that I am trying to do before my big diet launch! :)

1) Rid the house of my red-light foods. These are foods that I think I can only have one of, and before I know it, I am head first into the bottom of the bag. These foods satisfy the temporary craving, but leave me feeling gross and guilty afterwards.

2) Make a meal plan that I know is convenient and that I can easily stick to. Including things that make me feel like I'm treating myself, but are still healthy, like making pizza from a whole wheat pita, veggies and a bit of feta. Yum!

3) Getting into the habit of drinking my two large water bottles a day. I love water, but never seem to drink enough when I am not in full diet mode. I know, lifestyle not diet right!?

4) Start a pintrest board of things that motivate me. Something that I can refer to when the fridge is calling out to me in a pleading voice!

5) Make a firm commitment to walk every day. (Right now is hunting season, and I am afraid of getting shot. But I do have a treadmill!)

So, there you have it! Once I have all of this in place, I will begin my weight loss journey... again!

On a personal note, we just had our family photos taken! I love the colours! This is one of my favorites.

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